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The Penguin’s journey with The Man
The title says it all, “Hoelynngram” belongs to the Panda (H) and the Penguin (L). This space is pretty much a place to keep the memories of the Penguin’s Journey with The Man. And of course, the Man’s photos (As the man always says, the Penguin need to improve her photography skills). And so, the birth of “Hoelynngram”.

She is Lynn, most commonly known as happiefeet (everyone says she walked like a penguin!). Quit her full-time job as a Digital Media Planner, she continues to do everything about Digital Marketing, Social Media & Creatives in the day. Eat and Eat at night – As the Panda always says “Difficult to Maintain”. She maintains her personal blog while creating this space for both of them to embark onto another phase of their life together..

He is The Man, the Panda (with dark eye circles) always having late nights and always on Mobile Legend. IT Professional but looks more like in the Creative industry.

The Penguin and him are not full-time or professional bloggers, nor do they get sponsored to travel or eat somewhere. The penguin just loves to write, grumble and share the food they like, places they been to and photos the man took.

You can catch them at if you need to.


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