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Birthday Visit to River Safari

A Backdated post, he he he…

It’s the time of the year and I’m another year older (in fact, a year + 1 week :P). Wahahaa…
Wanted to book some place for staycation, but the hotels I want in Sentosa were fully booked on my Birthday weekend. Sad… Wonder why. Is there still some National Day promos going on during that week? Well, shall try to book one for his Birthday in September then.

Started my day with my must-have for Birthdays – 豬肝麵線. Since young, my granny will prepare this dish on my Lunar Birthdays and she’s not around anymore, i’d still like to keep to this tradition. Boyfriend planned to cook it for me but wahahaha…but he oerslept. So, had to make do with the one in the foodcourt :p

We went to Gardens by the Bay last year. Decided to go to River Safari because it’s FREE for Birthday Girl / Boy! He he he… And we’ve not been there yet since the 2 Pandas came, so why not? (WOW! THE PANDA CAME in 2012???)

Luckily, we managed to see 1 Panda 😀 It’s a Saturday, we spent a while queuing up for the tickets. In the month of August, there’s a 50% off River Safari & Zoo combo tickets, valid for all Singaporeans, PRs and employment pass holders (includes employment pass, S pass, work permits, dependent pass and long-term visit pass holders) only. So, he bought the combo at $30.

Usual price for Zoo: $32; Usual price for River Safari: $28; Usual price for Combo ticket: $60. His thinking was that if we have time to visit both parks, it will be great. If not, we just lose $2.

Reached the Panda section. I think the one we saw is Kai Kai, and he’s doing his business… Jia Jia shy, hiding somewhere. Oh, we had the legendary Panda Buns too… AIYAH! Forgot to get my complimentary ice-cream and 10% off F&B…

We took the Amazon River Quest too…hm…saw the monkeys, flamingos, giant anteater, tapir, but not the jaguar 🙁

Erm…don’t remember what time we reached the park, but we left at about 445…too tiring to go to the zoo :p Both parks close at 6pm…wahahaha… JL said need to be there in the morning to have enough time for both parks. She took about 6hrs to finish both parks… Wahahaha… Didn’t get to visit the Koalas at the Zoo 🙁

Took 138 to Ang Mo Kio interchange and had dinner at Fish & Co there. They are using tablet ordering system too. Hm…don’t remember when was the last time we ate at Fish & Co, really long long time ago. Noticed the change in the menu too. They have lotsa Fish & Chips now, London, Danish, New York, Swiss, etc. What’s the diff? Boyfriend ordered the Best Fish & Chips in town whereas I had my Seafood Platter for 1. Wahahaha…

And how can I not have a cake on my birthday? Erm…he’s not really keen on BT’s cake and we had to combed Ang Mo Kio for a cake shop. Found one and the cakes really look traditional. Dinner was filling, hence we just bought 3 slices of Tiramisu!

Hope that my wishes will come true 😀

Happy day with the man! Muacks muacks and happie birthday to me!

Oh! And not forgetting the yummy birthday cakes from colleagues 😀 Was away on 2 days Google Analytics course and didn’t inform them that I will be back to office :p Thank you for the arrangements.



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