mr and mrs two of us

Yes, I’ve Got The Ring

Was with the man in Shanghai for his business trip from 16 Jul to 27 Jul. Initial schedule was to be there for a week, but he got to extend for another week. I got to spend 10days in Shanghai. It’s our first time there, do keep a look out for the blog post (I am still drafting…wahahhaaa…).

And yes, he proposed during this trip, which on this trip, which I really didn’t see it coming. It was really a surprise. I knew we ordered a ring because I gave the requirements I wanted 😀 But I didn’t know he already collected it. I was still asking for it the week before the trip. really was a surprise! No wonder he let me tagged along. WAHAHAHA… And no wonder he got upset when I forgot to bring my “mini-me” lego minifigure for this trip.

And so, on 18 July night, we were at The Bund. We were at the spot where he took the pictures of the buildings the night before. He was standing behind me trying to take out the ring. I was busy trying to take similar photos of those building. I turned and SURPRISE!!!! He was standing there with the ring. No fancy flowers, fancy proposal ideas, just us and the ring. Happiness is just so simple 😀 I’m not sure if every girl would want their boyfriends to propose on bended knee? Wahahaha…I don’t need that. And luckily he didn’t (wahaha…it will be too scary for me cos there were really a lot of people there.

8 years since we got together!

hoelynngram @ the bundThe night view

hoelynngramxWedtaken in hotel with the Couple Robots

hoelynngramXwedThe Man and “Mini-Me”, taken when I’m back in Singapore.


So, next steps? I am collecting my wedding ideas now 😀




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